Sharing (S3A)

Develop programme content and experiential learning opportunities relevant to the employment market that will include problem-based, real world problem solving and peer-to-peer learning.


The academic programme portfolio of BU will be fully developed to benefit from knowledge exchange with industry, professional bodies and learned societies. The curriculum will be market-relevant, and will be tailored to include practical, real-world and problem-based learning that epitomizes high-level learning, academic and creative skills, and adaptability.

We will build on our existing experience in developing and assessing professional practice projects and assessments, alongside real-world industrial and organisational problems, in partnership with industry. The intellectual capital of the student community will focus and work on industrial and organisational problems and the resultant outcomes of projects and assessments will add value to the organisations involved and allow students to showcase their contribution and talent.

The University will develop strategic sector, industrial and multi-national company partnerships to facilitate the delivery of market-relevant content and assessment. This will build the University’s professional reputation for harnessing and channeling intellectual capital to add value to industry and society.

Key Performance Indicator:

1. Academic Strength %

Performance indicators: