Sharing (S2A)

Invest in a culture of excellence in areas of established and emerging BU research, and strive for a sustainable research and practice environment.


We will pursue a strategy of research excellence, measured via the Research Excellence Framework (REF), linked to society’s present and future research agenda.

BU will continue to build its reputation and recognition in areas of clear and emergent academic excellence, based around core academic areas that map clearly to units of assessment within REF. We will in future organise research more explicitly around these areas and use REF2014 and subsequent assessment exercises as a performance indicator with which to make present and future investment decisions.

Research in these areas will be driven by the societal agenda (see also S2B) and based on external funding to create a vibrant and growing research profile. This will be presented externally via the BU Research Themes and disseminated through knowledge exchange, in which we explicitly identify public and student engagement as key strands. 

Key Performance Indicator:

8. Staff with doctorates %