Sharing (S1D)

Engage the public and all professions in order to share the outcomes of Fusion through knowledge exchange.


BU will develop a clear public engagement plan with the aim of becoming a hub of knowledge exchange and professional body activity in the region (by 2015) and beyond (by 2018).

We will seek to create sponsored shared spaces in the BU infrastructure for professional bodies in order to allow them to interact with academics, students and businesses on our campus facilities.

The University will organise and host annual and bi-annual professional engagement/networking and public engagement events sponsored and supported by professional bodies, learned societies, and regional employers working in the professions allied to BU areas of academic strength. Our aim is to inform public debate, policy, practice and education.

BU will deliver a high profile event series linking academic expertise with public and societal interest in order to foster and promote engagement with the University and knowledge exchange.

University PR will increasingly be streamed through the lens of media messaging within themes relating to BU academic expertise housed within areas of societally relevant research. BU will therefore capitalise on its research and academic expertise in the public eye and increasingly develop recognition and reputation for excellence and thought-leadership in targeted academic areas.

Key Performance Indicator:

1. Academic Strength %

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