People (P3C)

Maintain and enhance a working environment that enables and supports staff well-being.


We recognise the benefits of healthy staff to individual and organisational performance and success. We will implement ongoing programmes and events to promote and encourage staff engagement in their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues.

We will continue to prioritise staff health, safety and wellbeing across the organisation and will create and enhance health promotion through a defined strategy that incorporates events, information, and networking opportunities.

We will ensure that our staff have access to integrated support mechanisms, both internally and externally to support healthy living and those with ill health.

Through a review of our approach to sickness absence management, combined with enhancement of health promotion, we will reduce absence levels across BU and deliver year on year reductions in work-related stress across the university.

We will continue our commitment to supporting the various charters awarded and to realise the benefits from these and promote and share best practice. We will seek to increase membership of charters in continuation of our support of wellbeing.

Key Performance Indicators

9. Overall staff satisfaction %