People (P3B)

Be widely recognised as an excellent place to work, where staff satisfaction is comparable to the best employers in the UK.


Creating an excellent staff experience at BU is one of our most important and essential objectives. Our staff, and the teams they create, will deliver on the objectives set out in BU2018.

Our aim will be to deliver satisfaction levels that are benchmarked and comparable to the best employers in the UK and to ensure that BU is widely regarding in the HE sector and beyond as being an excellent place to work. We will engage with and learn from other organisations to bring best practice into BU.

In support of this we will develop pride in the community of BU where success and achievement is shared, recognised and rewarded.

We will develop methods of highlighting, rewarding and celebrating success at both an individual and team level.

We will aim to make year on year improvements in staff satisfaction as measured by the responses to our annual staff surveys.

Key Performance Indicators

9. Overall staff satisfaction %