People (P3A)

Enhance organisational agility and innovation.


In order to respond to the changing demands of the HE sector, institution, students, staff and community we will enhance the agility of the organisation and its people and encourage innovation.

We will embed flexibility and agility in all structures and processes in order to enable us to respond to, enable and drive change, including the development of the adjunct workforce. We will achieve this by:

We will develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to support staff developing new and challenging concepts. We will achieve this by developing a culture where staff are able to suggest new ideas. A forum for idea sharing will be established which will include opportunities for exploration and experimentation, toleration of risk, evaluation of ideas and feedback. We will provide staff development opportunities in creativity and innovation.

We will develop flexible workforce opportunities to enhance individual and organisational flexibility. We will achieve this by developing career and development frameworks for all staff and providing appropriate development opportunities, including secondments and internal opportunities for changing roles, applying for promotional opportunities and opportunities to move between departments. We will establish opportunities for national and international mobility of staff by creating opportunities for work experience, shadowing, exchange programmes and secondments to enable staff to learn from best practice and innovation in other areas and to benchmark our performance against that of other employers.

Key Performance Indicators

9. Overall staff satisfaction %