People (P2B)

Ensure we have clear, visible and dynamic leadership at all levels of BU, which is aligned to our Vision.


For BU to be successful in delivering BU2018 and to support staff to fulfil their potential, it is essential to develop and deploy current and future leaders with the vision, skills and behaviours that support an excellent staff and student experience.

BU leaders will be responsible for enabling high performance in all staff and will be accountable for supporting staff to fulfil their potential.

We will ensure leadership responsibilities are clear and consistent across BU. This will include a review and clarification of the role of Framework Leaders and Programme Coordinators to ensure that the role is given greater institutional prominence since it is crucial to the delivery of an excellent student experience. Consequently it will be included in the academic career structure.

We will enable academic leadership, specifically, but not exhaustively, through the development and engagement of the Professoriate.

We will ensure on–going development is in place for leaders which will include ensuring the opportunity for mentoring and coaching is in place for all individuals in leadership roles.

We will establish a core leadership and management development programme.

We will establish effective succession planning and talent management processes to identify, deploy and support our leaders for the future.