People (P1D)

Develop pay, reward and recognition structures that recognise high performance, potential and delivery.


We will continue to ensure that staff are recognised and rewarded through open, fair and consistent policies, which emphasise and support the delivery of individual and team objectives and further encourage high performance. This will include a focus on flexible total reward that both enhances staff engagement and satisfaction and further acts as a catalyst to enable high performance.

We will ensure our pay framework is focused on recognising achievement and high performance.

We will ensure that academic leadership roles are appropriately recognised and rewarded in our career and reward framework.

We will enhance understanding of the total reward package offered by BU and enable flexibility in reward to suit individuals’ situations and priorities.

We will enhance team recognition and reward.

We will implement a diverse non–pay benefits and discount package that supports staff in all areas of their working and non–working lives.

We will develop methods for highlighting, rewarding and celebrating success at both an individual and team level.

Key Performance Indicators

7. Student/Staff ratio

8. Staff with doctorates %