People (P1C)

Enable a culture of high performance with the capacity, agility and creativity to succeed in a dynamic environment.


Through investment in staff and resource, we will create a high performing academic institution, with a reputation for excellence.

We will ensure that high performance is embedded at all levels in the organisation to ensure that the organisation, individuals and teams are performing to an optimum level, to effectively contribute to the delivery of BU’s Vision.

Through a robust recruitment plan aligned to the workforce plan we will ensure recruitment and selection of high performing staff with skills and experience which enhance organisational agility and flexibility.

We will embed a culture of performance which encourages staff to be creative and innovative in order to realise potential and increase organisational agility.

We will deliver a framework which recognises and rewards high performance at organisational, team and individual level in addition to providing a tool to manage and support underperformance.

We will implement clear role profiles with defined outcomes and measures for all posts across BU aligned to career frameworks.

We will ensure alignment of all other key HR / OD processes and policies to support performance.

Key Performance Indicators

7. Student/Staff ratio

8. Staff with doctorates %