People (P1A)

Recruit and retain a workforce with the capacity to deliver an exceptional staff and student experience.


Having the right staff, in the right numbers in the right roles will be critical to BU’s success in delivering an exceptional student and staff experience. We will produce a 6 year workforce plan that will detail the workforce capacity and capability needed to deliver BU2018.

We will align our academic workforce with our continuously evolving academic footprint, ensuring we have alignment between people, financial, and operational plans.

We will invest in our academic workforce to ensure we have a staff–student ratio of 1:20 by 2015 and 1:18 by 2018 of those academic staff engaged in Fusion.

We will ensure our professional and support workforce is effective and efficient as leaders and in delivering high quality service.

Key Performance Indicators

7. Student/Staff ratio

8. Staff with doctorates %