Inspiring (I4C)

Develop high-performing teams across academic and professional areas that work collaboratively, imaginatively and proactively in all areas, as evidenced by service excellence.


Service Excellence is a key part of the People Strategy and successful delivery will underpin the drive towards improved overall student experience. A range of focused activity will need to take place to ensure that the principles of service excellence are clear and understood as they relate to a university environment.

By 2015 there will have been a step change in the actual level of service excellence as measured by user feedback in key areas.

By 2018 BU will be known in the UK HE sector as a clear leader in the field of service excellence and will have led the way in terms of maintaining a clear separation between service excellence and academic endeavour We will be held as an exemplar of an academic community where the emphasis is clearly on co-production and co-creation through membership of a vibrant learning community.

Key Performance Indicator:

8. Staff with doctorates %