Inspiring (I4B)

Ensure that our Professoriate inspire leadership of Fusion, and encourage all staff to fulfil their full potential.


The BU Professoriate will provide inspirational academic leadership for academic staff, within and outside of their immediate area of operation.

By 2015 we will have invested in a strong Professoriate that is capable of leading our academic drive towards Fusion within defined societal themes. In order to achieve this we will invest and disinvest selectively to maximise our performance and alignment.

By 2018 we will have a Professoriate that is fully engaged in delivering Fusion and actively engaged in driving forward our academic endeavour and shaping our academic portfolio. This will be fulfilled in part through formal structures within Schools, but importantly will also be encapsulated in the core corporate role of a BU Professor.

Key Performance Indicator:

8. Staff with doctorates %