Inspiring (I3A)

Equip our students to promote themselves, their skills and knowledge, and their role and value to society effectively.


In addition to the professional experiences and training that our students will receive throughout their programmes of study we will provide an innovative and inspiring outduction programme, ensuring that our students make a successful transition to beyond University life and particularly into the work place. We will equip our students with the skills to network, promote themselves effectively, to be self aware and to understand the flexibility of their knowledge and skills base, and their value to society.

The ability of our graduates to promote themselves effectively will require them to have completed Fusion-led programmes which and to be able to communicate this effectively to future employers and society more generally.

By 2015 all programmes will be able to clearly demonstrate how these skills have been developed within the ethos and content of the units.

By 2018 BU will have further strengthened our external reputation for highly sought after graduates.

(See also S1A to S1C, S3A and S3B).

Key Performance Indicator:

5. % Graduate employability