Inspiring (I1A)

Be a catalyst for cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation in our staff and students.


BU will develop entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise within our staff and students as a key feature of Fusion.

We will provide guidance for students wishing to engage in entrepreneurial activity and commercialise their ideas. We will also encourage students to innovate and develop new approaches to problem solving; developing commercial acumen that will prepare them for flexible futures regardless of whether they chose an academic, business, or entrepreneurial career.

With respect to staff we will increasingly adopt an open access policy with respect to commercialisation and will support staff in creative innovations.

We will invest in sector specific commercial and enterprise activity through the lens of knowledge exchange and use the DM Centre for Entrepreneurship as a key vehicle in driving regional economic growth.

We will further develop the provision of live consultancy projects and associated business engagement as a key priority and use the School of Tourism Entrepreneurship Education Programme (STEEP) as a role model for the University. Upon graduation in 2015 all students will have been immersed in at least two entrepreneurship initiatives as part of the Fusion embedded in their programmes.

Key Performance Indicator:

5. % Graduate employability