Finance (F2A)

Ensure the financial stability of the University within an agreed financial risk model.


We will need to operate in a stable financial environment in order to achieve our goals and ambitions. To do this we will determine the attitude to risk that the University has overall.

From this we will derive the financial risk model within which we will carry out our operations. The model will define the controls that the University will operate within in order to realise the financial stability criteria that it requires. Those criteria will be set at levels that match the risk attitude of the University overall. They can be varied over time as the financial environment changes both externally and internally and will be tested periodically to ensure they are being complied with.

Where compliance is not being achieved then they will be assessed to see if they will come back into line in the near future. If this is not apparent then corrective action will be considered to ensure compliance as appropriate.

Key Performance Indicators:

10. A: Total student numbers / B: UG Student Number Control

11. Current Ratio

12. Annual contribution %

13. Total reserves £000s

14. Gearing