Creating (C3A)

Proactively seek out local, national and regional partnerships which contribute to and enhance Fusion within BU. Ensure that partnerships deliver a two way exchange of knowledge which enhances Fusion.


We will create a series of sector specific collaborative networks and partnerships at a range of geographical scales and invest in relationship marketing initiatives in support of Fusion.

There will be a range of tangible outcomes from this activity including increased opportunities for staff and students to undertake placements and secondments, both in the UK and through transnational arrangements. Material will also be generated to inform case studies and contacts will be made for guest speakers, etc.

Knowledge exchange is at the core of our networks and partnerships – a two way transaction involving a range of different commodities including: public engagement, business intelligence, consultancy, learning and development, placements, research/educational collaboration, entrepreneurship and business development.

We will invest in relationship marketing and networking initiatives within key sectors of strength within BU, focusing on building lasting strategic relationships which lead to multiple outcomes.

To ensure that the partnerships deliver a two way exchange that enhances Fusion we will improve the co–ordination between the various strands of activities from placements, business engagement and the BU Foundation.