Creating (C2B)

Re-profile our student body to be increasingly international and postgraduate in nature.


The University will actively seek to increase the number of postgraduate students, compared to the number of undergraduate students. This will in part be achieved by innovative new programmes that are flexibly delivered. See also C2D.

By 2015 we will have a comprehensive portfolio of new programmes.

We will also actively seek to increase the number of international students that study with BU either on campus or overseas through transnational arrangements. This will be achieved predominantly by securing pathway programmes and by establishing stronger academic links with key overseas institutions to complement recruitment activity. Various options exist for expanding provision delivered overseas, including partnerships with international colleges and/or the establishment of an overseas campus. A key component here will be maximising the benefit that can be derived from existing academic links that have been established through research and other activity.

By 2015 we will have invested in developing a minimum of 20 key strategic and active academic international partnerships.

By 2018 we will have developed a mature and productive network of partners for whom BU is their preferred partner for international academic endeavour.

Key Performance Indicators:

4. Average UCAS tariff points

8. Staff with doctorates %