Creating (C2A)

Through Fusion create a unique place for our learning community within the sector and build a world-leading reputation.


Fusion is the distinctive focus for our learning–community and we give our community identity through it. We will adopt a proactive stance in showcasing the value of Fusion both within and beyond BU, and by engaging directly with government and decision makers at all levels we will champion its value.

We will strive to gain recognition for BU as an innovative provider of higher education both nationally and internationally. This recognition will make the members of our community proud to be part of it.

We will establish a Fusion Investment Fund with clearly defined principles of centralised competition for funds and clarity around the various strands within it. Importantly, it will be made clear what is not included and therefore needs to be provided by re-focusing Professional service and School priorities.

This focus will inform and shape the strategic marketing strategy. The concept of Fusion will be at the heart of our external image and clearly reflected in our branding and messaging.

By 2015 staff and students will be able to identify Fusion as being the distinctive element at BU.

Key Performance Indicators:

4. Average UCAS tariff points

8. Staff with doctorates %