Creating (C1D)

Create a wider experience through extra-curricular activity including sports, cultural activity, clubs and societies, and charitable and volunteering work, and recognise achievements across BU.


We will support, with the Students’ Union (SUBU), a strong programme of student focused extra–curricular activities, clubs and societies within BU. We will recognise and celebrate achievement through the Student Development Awards, Vice–Chancellor’s Awards and in degree transcripts. We will actively promote these activities as key components of BU’s student experience.

We will invest in academic societies that build on areas of academic strength and interest and we will make these available to all staff and students.

We will invest in estate infrastructure to enhance extra–curricular activities and those delivered through SUBU, including sport, with a particular focus on student well–being and healthy life styles.

Key Performance Indicators:

2. Overall student satisfaction at University level (as measured by NSS) %

7. Student/Staff ratio