Creating (C1A)

To fully deliver an outstanding student experience it is imperative that we create and develop a sustainable and robust academic core with defined mapping to our academic operations and provision.


We will continuously review our academic core to ensure that it maps to cross–BU research themes, links to the professions, and defines a broad academic footprint where each academic area has academic strength.

We will establish a dual layer conceptual framework as the model within which we will operate and innovate our academic portfolio. This model will be used flexibly to map our academic core to our frameworks and programmes, REF Units of Assessment, societal themes and external academic portals.

We will continue to invest in our core areas of Business & Management, Health & Society, Media & Culture, and Science & Technology, and to consider options to extend into new areas, such as Art and Design. Business as usual will be to revise our academic footprint in line with key drivers such as demand whilst remaining cognisant of, and informed by, market research and sector-wide changes. This will continue to involve the creation of new programmes/frameworks and the closure of existing programmes/frameworks. A key focus will also be to invest in and build on areas of existing and emerging academic strength. Through this process we will aim to have at least one area of outstanding academic strength in each of the main component parts of our academic footprint.

By 2015 this approach will result in a refined academic offering that has been developed through strengthening of our academic core and mapping between this and our organisational structures, academic provisions and activity.

Key Performance Indicators:

2. Overall student satisfaction at University level (as measured by NSS) %

7. Student/Staff ratio